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Endings of UD……

April 16, 2010

How does UD, who 2 weeks ago announced it had renewed it’s contract with NFL properties to produce football cards, to yesterday, announcing it could not come to an agreement on it’s license renewal and won’t be producing 2010 NFL products? Is there a bit of a disconnect here or is it just me?  Were the i’s and t’s not crossed before they made the announcement?  Was the problem the cost of license or the payment terms or both?  I think it was a little of both, but I have a feeling that NFL properties wanted more upfront license money than UD could cough up! 

There needs to be a Major shake up within the company in order to move forward!  This isn’t a matter of laying off some employees, this means removing the Head Man and regrouping.  It needs to start with a possible Hostile takeover or selling of the entire company.  Closing shop would not be a good idea and I believe the company can still be salvaged.  Selling to an independent party would be the second best option followed by selling out to a competitor and keeping the brand name. 

I suggest current employees strongly consider finding another employer.  Let’s just say those smoke breaks and coffee breaks just became longer!  Oh, almost forgot, don’t forget to bring the cell phone on those breaks!  If you’ve signed a “Non-compete” agreement with UD, I would take my chances with a possible competitor if the opportunity arises. 

It’s too bad that these last few months are finally coming to a head.  I would expect that things will get worse for the company before they get any better.  I will be very surprised if UD can make it the rest of the year before something grim happens there!  It’s been a good ride UD, but bad choices have finally done you in!