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Golf Weekend, Masters Edition!

April 15, 2010

Congratulations to Phil Mickelson for winning the Master’s Tournament!  That was very impressive to go out on the golf course while his wife Amy was in a home Augusta trying to rest from her cancer treatments.  I’m sure it was not easy to focus on golf while Amy was away resting!  I thought it was pretty amazing that Phil called Amy when he was in trouble on the 13th hole and told her to meet him on the 18th green in 30 minutes.  Here he was out in the trees in trouble and could possibly lose a stroke or two, but he calls his wife to have her meet him on the 18th green.  That was not talked about on the broadcast and I found out about this morning. 

What an amazing string of holes Phil had on Saturday!  I could not believe my eyes that he putted for an Eagle, holed out for Eagle on the next hole and came within a couple of inches of holing a third straight hole for Eagle!  In a matter of 3 holes he went 5 under, incredible! 

As for Tiger Woods, I was a bit surprised by his responses in his finishing interview on Sunday afternoon.  When asked about a few of his outbursts on the fairways on Sunday afternoon, he answered to the affect that he was playing bad golf and had his frustrations.  Gee Tiger, I thought a few days earlier you said you were going to do better and learn to control your outbursts?  You didn’t even try to apologize for your outbursts during that final interview!  At the same time, it’s hard to change your ways when you have done it for so many years! 

Overall it was a great weekend of golf at the Masers!  Augusta could’ve moved the Green Jacket ceremony to the 18th green instead of doing it in the clubhouse!  Was it me, or was it a bit strange and awkward for the ceremony in the clubhouse?  Be careful golfers, I think Anthony Kim will make another charge at winning a Major this year!