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In Memory of Sports Athletes

May 28, 2010




>Reggie White – Intimidating force on the field, Gentle Giant off!!

>Walter Peyton- Sweetness and the Super Bowl Shuffle!

>Derek Thomas – A defensive force in his football days, died young.




>Kirby Pucket – Who can forget his heroics in the MLB Playoffs and World Series!

>Jose Lima – “It’s Lima time!!”  Died too young of cardiac arrest.

>Ken Caminiti – Former MLB MVP had awful life after baseball.




>Drazen Petrovic – A promising shooting guard, shot lights out and died in car accident.

>Maleek Seally – A teammate of Kevin Garnett in Minnesota who died in car accident.

>Chick Hern – Legendary Lakers play by play caller left a legacy.

>Red Auerbach – Legendary coach with multiple Titles!!




>Payne Stewart- Died in plane crash; had just won a major and was back in Championship form.

Is the coach Larry Brown ship about to sail??

April 28, 2010

It’s about that time for Larry Brown to moving on from the Bobcats!  Over the last couple of weeks, apparently the “higher ups” from Comcast have been talking to Brown about going back to be the coach in Philly!  Brown has only been with the Bobcats for the last 2 years and finally got them into the playoffs for the first time in the team history!  Can’t this guy sit still?  Brown sounds like the friend you know who changes jobs every couple of years! 

With Michael Jordan as the new Bobcats majority owner, Brown may be more inclined to leave and head back to Philly!  After Jordan retired from basketball, he became part owner of the Wizards.  Unfortunately, we all remember how that turned out…. Terrible group of players, bad drafting and trades and Jordan smoking his cigar up in the luxury suite.  Things got so bad for the Wizards that Jordan took matters into his own hands and suited up to play on the court!   The Wizards improved with Jordan on the court but were never a serious threat!  Brown publicly states that Jordan is good for the league and team as an owner, but on the inside, he may be thinking otherwise! 

Heading back to coach the Sixers may be very enticing for Brown.  Brown spent several years as the coach of Philly and had some great runs with AI.  Keep in mind, Brown had his longest stint in Philly and may want to return and finish his career in the city of Brotherly Love!  A few years later, after he left the Sixers, Brown tried to coach the Knicks and told us that he wanted to finish his coaching career there!  You never know what Brown seems to want to do from year to year, it’s almost like he is always on the lookout for his next gig! 

If Brown jumps ship from the Bobcats, who will replace him?  I hope Jordan doesn’t come up with the idea of himself trying to coach the team!  Since he played in a different era than the current batch of NBA players, I just don’t see him relating to the players very well!  How about bringing back Paul Silas to coach the Bobcats?  I don’t think so!  Both Eddie Jordan and Byron Scott are available to call if Brown leaves…. But… who would really want to coach this team!  I have a feeling that Brown may make a decision in the next few weeks for his plans for next year!  Could his ship be sailing?  Guess we will see!!

Am I having Jazz flashbacks of a few years back??

April 27, 2010

I may be having flashbacks of a Utah Jazz playoff run about 3 or 4 years ago!  The Jazz were up against the Rockets in a 4 vs. 5 matchup without home court advantage.  The Jazz were down 3 games to 2 and went back to Salt Lake to play game 6!  The Jazz won game 6 then went to Houston and finished the Rockets off in the 4th quarter to win the first round series!  Meanwhile, the Warriors faced the Mavericks in the 1 vs. 8 matchup with the Mavs having home court advantage and the best record in the league!  Believe it or not, with Baron Davis energizing the Warriors, the Warriors blew past the Mavs and swept the series!  This set up a series between the Warriors and Jazz in which the Jazz pretty much had their way against the Warriors and won the series 4 games to 1.  Unfortunately, the Jazz lost in the Western Conference finals to eventual NBA Champions, the Spurs!  

Fast-forward a few years to this years playoff matchups!  The Utah Jazz seem to be having their way with the Denver Nuggets and the OkC Thunder have tied the series with the Lakers 2 games to 2.  The Jazz could very well finish off the series against the Nuggets on Wednesday in Denver or possibly Friday in Utah!  I think the Lakers are in a dogfight with the Thunder and this series can easily go 7 games!  Here is what could very well happen 3 or so years later!  The Thunder could very well end up beating the Lakers in the 1st round and face the Jazz in the second round, with the Jazz having home court advantage!  Even though the teams are different in the matchups 3 years ago, there could very well be a 8 vs. 1 upset and the Jazz, having the 5th seed, could have home court in the 2nd round facing the Thunder!  

This scenario could very well happen, but at the same time, I won’t be betting against the Lakers to lose!  Go Jazz and Go Thunder!!

NBA and Thunder Jazz foul call.

April 16, 2010

Wow, the NBA is quite Hypocritical! 

I can’t believe yesterday the NBA made a statement saying that the referees made a mistake by not calling the foul on CJ Miles at the end of the Utah Jazz vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game!  We have all seen it for years where the referees choose not to call a foul at the end of the game so the referees don’t decide a game by a foul call!   

The NBA does all it can to protect their referees, yet they come out and tell everyone they missed the call?  You have to be kidding me!  If this is a new precedent, we may be seeing more games decided at the free throw line at the end of the game.  I doubt this will be the case, but I believe the league announced that the call was wrong because it was Kevin Durrant that was fouled!  If Jeff Green had the ball at the end of the game and CJ Miles guarded him the same way, you think the next day the league would come down on the referees the same way?  I really doubt it! 

The playoffs are right around the corner and we will see if this same situation arises then!

NBA Playoff Predictions

April 15, 2010



1-     Cleveland vs. 8 Chicago – 4-1 Cleveland – Bulls no real threat.

2-     Orlando vs. 7 Charlotte – 4-1 Orlando – Bobcats 1st playoffs and young.

3-     Atlanta vs. 6 Milwaukee – 4-2 Atlanta – w/o Bogut, tough for deer.

4-     Miami vs. 5 Boston – 4-3 Boston – Boston just enough to get by. 


Cleveland vs. Boston – 4-2 Cleveland – End of road for Boston.

Orlando vs. Atlanta – 4-3 Atlanta – w/o Turk, Magic not as good. 


Cleveland vs. Atlanta – 4-2 Cleveland – Atlanta no match!


1-     Los Angeles vs. 8 Oklahoma City  – 4-1 LA – OkC first playoff appearance.

2-     Dallas vs. 7 San Antonio – 4-2 Dallas – Not much left in tank for Spurs.

3-     Phoenix vs. 6 Portland – 4-1 Phoenix – Phoenix is on a roll!

4-     Denver vs. 5 Utah – 4-3 Denver – Not good matchup for Utah. 


LA vs. Denver – 4-2 LA after nice rest against OkC.

Dallas vs. Phoenix – 4-2 Dallas too many guns for Suns!


LA vs. Dallas – 4-3 LA – LA gets just enough to get by. 


Cleveland vs. LA – 4-3 LA – It’s a battle, but LA gets b2b title! 

Being a Jazz fan and season ticket holder, back to back opening round exits is going to sting!  Even though Boozer and Jazz brass have made up since last summer’s Boozer radio tour, I doubt Boozer will be returning with what his asking price will be!  The Jazz just won’t be as good with Millsap starting at power forward! 

Even though LA has been inconsistent down the stretch, the “Zen Master” will work his magic once again and get enough out of his players to get another ring.  This will make 5 rings for Kobe and 11 rings for Phil!  Lebron has been great this year and deserves the MVP, but they just don’t quite have enough to get it done.