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Is the coach Larry Brown ship about to sail??

April 28, 2010

It’s about that time for Larry Brown to moving on from the Bobcats!  Over the last couple of weeks, apparently the “higher ups” from Comcast have been talking to Brown about going back to be the coach in Philly!  Brown has only been with the Bobcats for the last 2 years and finally got them into the playoffs for the first time in the team history!  Can’t this guy sit still?  Brown sounds like the friend you know who changes jobs every couple of years! 

With Michael Jordan as the new Bobcats majority owner, Brown may be more inclined to leave and head back to Philly!  After Jordan retired from basketball, he became part owner of the Wizards.  Unfortunately, we all remember how that turned out…. Terrible group of players, bad drafting and trades and Jordan smoking his cigar up in the luxury suite.  Things got so bad for the Wizards that Jordan took matters into his own hands and suited up to play on the court!   The Wizards improved with Jordan on the court but were never a serious threat!  Brown publicly states that Jordan is good for the league and team as an owner, but on the inside, he may be thinking otherwise! 

Heading back to coach the Sixers may be very enticing for Brown.  Brown spent several years as the coach of Philly and had some great runs with AI.  Keep in mind, Brown had his longest stint in Philly and may want to return and finish his career in the city of Brotherly Love!  A few years later, after he left the Sixers, Brown tried to coach the Knicks and told us that he wanted to finish his coaching career there!  You never know what Brown seems to want to do from year to year, it’s almost like he is always on the lookout for his next gig! 

If Brown jumps ship from the Bobcats, who will replace him?  I hope Jordan doesn’t come up with the idea of himself trying to coach the team!  Since he played in a different era than the current batch of NBA players, I just don’t see him relating to the players very well!  How about bringing back Paul Silas to coach the Bobcats?  I don’t think so!  Both Eddie Jordan and Byron Scott are available to call if Brown leaves…. But… who would really want to coach this team!  I have a feeling that Brown may make a decision in the next few weeks for his plans for next year!  Could his ship be sailing?  Guess we will see!!