Beginnings – Gotta Start Somewhere

Well… here goes! 

After many a years I have returned to the hobby of card collecting!  I started out back in the late 80’s and then went on hiatus starting in the mid 90’s!  My collecting lasted all of about 6 or 7 years.  Fast forward almost 15 years later…. at the end of 2009, I had an itch return and it needed to be scratched!  It was about a week or two before “Black Friday” and I started doing blog searches for sports cards.  I found several sports cards blogs, read pieces of several of them and added a few to my blog reader.  I learned about Blowoutcards, Dave and Adams, sports card forum and other places.  I learned about a card company called Panini that I had never heard of before!  Next thing I find out, Panini holds the exclusive basketball card license for the NBA.  What?? Are you seriously kidding me!!  I had started with Baseball card collecting, moved to basically Basketball collecting, went on a collecting break and now I can only choose from 1 company to buy basketball cards?  Panini has been good so far from what I’ve seen, but they do have some designs that I don’t particularly care for!

So I’m back into the collecting arena and I hope to stay for quite some time.  I will share some stories here and there and offer my opinion on various subjects.  I’ll also include various opinions that I have about what is currently happening in the sports world!  I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but I do enjoy listening to people’s opinon and debating!


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